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I know its tough right now and many are looking for new careers.  Those working in service careers, i.e. restaurants, hotels, attractions, amusement parks, gyms, guiding....and moms(!) do very well in our careers. 

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I love our travel careers and have been training professional Tour Directors, Tour Guides, Travel Staff and Cruise Hosts to do the same for over 20 years!

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Do you love to travel?

Does the thought of enjoying exotic destinations while enjoying once-in-a-lifetime experiences sound like a dream come true?!   

What if I told you .....

You can have everything you dreamed of and more?   What if I told you – that you could do all the above and get paid for it?!

Let me help you!

Hi!  My name is Cherie and I have been conducting professional Tour Director Training and Tour Guide Training for over 20 years.    My students work locally, on domestic tours and travel the world with tours, programs and cruises.  They work in careers they love!

Let me help you personally in my new interactive online course,  "Live Your Dream Travel Job!".   I will teach you everything you need to be successful and get hired!  The course is interactive with videos, activities, a private FB page, networking, Live Office Hours and more!  I will personally help in your success!    

New Master Course!

Everything you need to be successful and get hired!

 New Master Class includes four Courses Including: 

  • “Enjoy VIP Travel Working in Conventions, Meetings and Incentives” – Training for Travel Staff Field Staff and Transportation Mangers

  • “Leading Safe and Successful Student Tours” – Training for Student Leaders

  • “On-board Cruise Careers and Cruise Hosting Tour Groups” – Training for Cruise Hosts and on-board careers  

Enrollment: $97 per month.

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Course Includes 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed! 

Welcome to Professional Tour Management Training!


Want to get Paid to Travel for leading international, domestic and local tours as a professional Tour Director, Tour Guide and or Travel Staff?

Let me help you!


Tour Guide Training Video

Kim discusses my new online course, "Live Your Dream Travel Job!"


There's much to see here.  I hope you enjoy my Tour Guide Training Videos and find them helpful.  If you have any questions or comments please take a moment to drop me a call or email.  I'm here to help. 

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Bob Hunt: I very strongly recommend Cherie Anderson's Professional Tour Mgmt Training Course. Excellent Training!! And free follow up as the industry evolves and new training materials are offered and old one training material is updated. First Class all the way! Very quick response to training update requests. IMHO, 5 Stars!!Stars!!

 I have found Cherie Andersons' Tour Director Training Course to be very informative and helpful. I am new to the World of Tour Directing and did not realize the expanse of the field. Cherie's course has provided me a wealth of resources and a thorough overview of the Travel industry. I highly recommend Cherie Andersons' Tour Directing Training course to anyone wanting to familiarize themselves with the opportunities in tourism and wanting the information they need to know in order to get hired. Thank you Cherie! 

Cheryl Papin

Cherie, first I want to thank you for allowing me to take the Living Your Dream Job Beta course. I have never worked in the industry, but I am hoping to enter the industry after I leave teaching in June of this year. I have learned so much from the videos, the industry terms, the exercises, and from the office recorded meetings. Even though I was unable to attend the office hours, listening to them later gave me a lot of insight into the travel industry as well as helpful tips from other class members. I could tell you worked hard on the course and enjoy what you do, therefore, I worked hard on each lesson, taking extensive notes and trying to be as complete as I could. All the modules were presented in a hierarchical sequence. Most were easy to access and after some searching on various websites, I could find the information needed. Looking at the websites you gave us I realized how much information about the industry is out there. I also realized all the different careers and how different each one is. There are so many opportunities and learning about so many different jobs helps me to focus on one I would be interested in. I know I still have a lot to learn, but coming from the field of education and having planned and taken many, many trips with my students I know I can do this, be successful, and have fun! Your course and words of encouragement gave me that confidence. So again, thank you so much for this course and I know I am not finished learning from you.


Judi Caliendo

Blessings of Abundance -- And thank you for being our Teacher into this Whole New World! 


I just want to say that I think this course is remarkable and having the book and some experience and what I have learned, I am so grateful!!

Cherie, with her decades of experience and real world stories, is right there with you every step of the way, available by video, email, Face Book, and within the course itself….is patient, energetic, and always positive with her students and covers all the areas someone new to tour directing and tour management will need to start their career in the exciting field of travel and tourism….actively works in travel and tourism and is up to date with the expectations of tour operators and companies working in Conventions, Meetings and Incentives…offers many ideas for preparing and breaking into these businesses wherever you live: locally, domestically or internationally….has done it all - from working on cruise ships, to leading domestic and international tours, to working with Incentive Companies and Destination Management Companies - and she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with new students and veteran tour directors and managers. 

Joe Bordonaro


About Me

Cherie Anderson  - Author of "Tour Director Training Guide - Get Paid to Travel".  Training for Tour Guides, Tour Directors, Travel Staff and Cruise Hosts.

My Background

I have been getting paid to travel the world and training others to do the same for over 20 years.   We live the  wonderful ‘gifts’ of tour directing and guiding, including travel, adventure, sharing destinations, cultures, stories, lifestyles, knowledge, history, experiences and helping to make dreams come true.   Let me help you to do the same.    Get started today!  

Enroll in new interactive online course "Live Your Dream Travel Job!" 



How I Got Started

I always wanted to travel! When working as a Physical Education teacher, I spent all of my holidays traveling. It was my passion.  

When I decided I wanted to work on the cruise ships, it took me 1.5 years of persistence to get a job onboard taking care of the children working for free. I loved it!

Since then my career includes cruise hosting, tour directing international, domestic and local tours, working in the CMI (Conventions Meeting and Incentive Market) tour guiding, training, speaking and more. I love my career and helping others to do the same.

Do you want to work in a career you love? Do you want to get paid to travel? Are you looking for local, domestic and or international travel careers?  Are you looking for a full-time with benefits or part-time travel careers? Let me help you!

Questions? Call or email me. I’m here to help.


Get Paid to Travel

I started training professional tour directors, guides, travel staff and cruise hosts over 20 years ago.  I work with colleges, offer two interactive online courses, have “Fast Track” training and I am the author of the of the popular training guide and textbook the ”Tour Director Training Guide – Get Paid to Travel”. My students can be found leading tours, programs and cruises throughout the world.

I taught an online course for years offered through over 2,400 colleges worldwide. It helped my students, but I could only reach out to them anonymously in the formal Discussion area. I wanted a course that was interactive with videos, live conference calls, a private FB page, a course where I could personally help my students in their success and hiring.  

Today I have the classes I wanted! I can now personally help my students with their individual needs and success. "Live Your Dream Travel Job!" trains professional Tour Directors and Guides for local, domestic and international tours. “Enjoy VIP Travel Working in the Convention, Meeting and Incentive Market” trains Travel Staff, who travel to the meeting/incentive destination and Field Representatives, who work locally with groups visiting their local destination. Click on the course links for more information, the curriculum and enrollment.

I also want to invite you to watch my free video series. Hopefully it will help in your search for a travel career you love.  Click here:

Get started today! Let me help you get hired in a travel career you love!  

Interview with Liz Moran

 Liz Moran, a past student, shares her travel career, adventures and love of travel.

LIz is the owner of Travel Monkey, specializing in adventure tours for women. Check out this great video

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NEW COURSE: Enjoy VIP Travel working in the Conventions, Meetings and Incentive Market!


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