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I have been getting paid to travel the world and training others to do the same for over 20 years.  I love working in travel!  My students lead local, domestic, international tours, cruises and programs.    Let me help you to do the same.    Click here to watch Tour Management Video Series!   

How I Got Started

I always wanted to travel!   When working as a Physical Education teacher, I spent all of my holidays traveling.  It was my passion.  I started my travel career years ago working on cruise ships and then moved on to leading international tours.  I used to pinch myself with the excitement of visiting new destinations.  I love working in the travel industry.!

Get Paid to Travel

In 1993 I started training others to do the same.  I worked with colleges throughout Southern California colleges.  That lead to an online course offered through over 2,400 colleges worldwide.  It was a wonderful experience working with international tour directors and guides worldwide.  Today all of the lessons and more can be downloaded immediately in my "Tour Director Training Guide" .  Get started today!   

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