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There's much to see here.  I hope you enjoy my Tour Guide Training Videos and find them helpful.  If you have any questions or comments please take a moment to drop us a line.

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Do you love to travel?

Does the thought of enjoying exotic destinations while enjoying once-in-a-lifetime experiences sound like a dream come true?!   

What if I told you .....

You can have everything you dreamed of and more?   What if I told you – that you could do all the above and get paid for it?!


My name is Cherie and I have been training professional tour directors and guides for over 20 years.  My students are traveling the world in careers they love!  

Let me help you personally!  "Live Your Dream Travel Job!", my new online course covers everything you need to be successful and get hired.!  My course is interactive with videos, helpful activities, a private FB page, networking, live Office Hours each week and more!   I taught my course for ten years online through over 2,400 colleges. This time I wanted one where I can personally help in my student's success!    

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***Certificate of Completion for those that complete the lessons and past the quizzes.  


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Interview with Liz Moran

 Liz Moran, a past student, shares her travel career, adventures and love of travel. 

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I have been getting paid to travel the world and training others to do the same for over 20 years.   We live the  wonderful ‘gifts’ of tour directing and guiding, including travel, adventure, sharing destinations, cultures, stories, lifestyles, knowledge, history, experiences and helping to make dreams come true.   Let me help you to do the same.    Get started today!  

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How I Got Started


I always wanted to travel!   When working as a Physical Education teacher, I spent all of my holidays traveling.  It was my passion.  I started my travel career years ago working on cruise ships and then moved on to leading international and domestic tours.  I used to pinch myself with the excitement of visiting new destinations.  I love working in the travel industry.!

Get Paid to Travel


Over 20 years ago I started training professional tour directors and guides.   I worked with colleges throughout Southern California. That lead to an online course I offered for over ten years to over 2,400 colleges worldwide.  It was a wonderful experience working with international tour directors and guides worldwide.  Today my new online "Live Your Dream Travel Job!" is an interactive course where I can personally help my students in their success and hiring.!  My eBook, the  "Tour Director Training Guide" is used by tour directors and guides around the world and can be downloaded today!  

  Get started today in a career you love!   



Thank you so very much for everything that you have done to contribute towards launching my career as a tour director. Your book, Tour Director Training Guide, get paid to travel, is like a bible to me for working in the tourism industry. In addition to reading your book, earning a Certificate of Completion for Professional Tour Management Training made me think about my life and experiences and focus on why I want to be a tour director and taught me how to achieve my goal. I just got off the phone with you, where you spent an extraordinary amount of time giving me positive feedback and tips and suggestions for my future. I think that talking with you, reading your book and taking your class have been one of the best educational and instructional experiences in my life. I will remember information that I learned from you and carry notes with me for the rest of my career. You've helped me with education and training for working in the tourism industry to specific comments about my resume and how to prepare for job interviews.

Everything was fantastic!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the soles of my tour director shoes.

Claes Elfving


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